Second Hand Electric Cars Bargains of the Week!

Not all of us can afford new cars – maybe now or ever! And many of us will avoid PCP like a plague. So each week we will search through the second hand electric car markets and find some bargains for you.

We will look at different prices ranges to suit your pocket.

Under €10,000

Meath 2013 Nissan Leaf Tekna €8,200

Let’s cut to the chase, if your working with a budget of under €18k, then the Nissan LEAF is going to be the most prevalent option in the second hand EVs (electric vehicle) car market.

This car for sale with EVelectricvehicles Sales is not the cheapest 2013 LEAF but is it the high spec Tekna version. That means it comes with leather seats, heated steering wheel, heated seats which is super in the winter.

Pro-tip: Remember heating fans affects range in an electric car – but the heated steering wheel doesn’t affect range as much. So you’ll get further if having toasty hands does the trick for you!

This specific car also has a 6.6kW onboard charger. You can see this in the image below. This car can charge twice as fast as those Nissan Leaf with only the 3.3kW onboard charger.

The Tekna also has the awesome Bose Sound System for pumping out those tunes to sing along.

There are some cheaper Tekna out there but none displaying impressive guess-o-metres (see our plain English EV terms here)

We love those wheels 💗

Check out this lovely white Tekna on DoneDeal

€10,000 – €15,000

Dublin 2016 Nissan Leaf Acenta €10,500

This is one of the cheapest 2016 Nissan Leafs in the country that hasn’t breached the 100,000km mark just yet!

It has a very impressive range of 150km when charged at 100% on the guess-o-metre but if you look closely it also shows 19 degree Celsius which can give higher range.

The bodywork looks like it is in excellent condition and wheels and tyres to match. There is a nice addition of a photo showing the top of drive-train under the bonnet – sometime these have a white powdery build up but this one looks fantastic.

This lovely wine car has a NCT running all the way to July 2022 which saves you from that hassle for a long time 😍

Check out this lovely Nissan Leaf now on DoneDeal

€15,000 – €20,000

Kildare 2018 Hyundai Ioniq €19,750

The Hyundai Ioniq really is a beautiful car and sooo efficient! This car will comfortably get you over 190km on a single charge and opens up national driving without multiple charging stops.

This 28kWh battery also charges faster than most EVs at fast charge points – even quick than the newer model of the Ioniq!

Important to also note that this Ev is still under Hyundai warranty which is typically 5 years for the car and 8 years for the battery. However, check this with the seller… and speaking of which are also well known throughout Ireland for their solid reputation selling second hand EVs – speak to the very knowledgeable and lovely Siobhan and Phil about this car

That is for this weeks bargains – Spotted a bargain?

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