Why We Don’t Love Electric Car Battery Leases…

We don’t know about you but this is how gorgeous we look when we are up at 7am and getting into a Renault Zoe in bleak Irish weather 😅 No chance!

And looks are not always what they seem…

Welcome to the concept of battery leases. We won’t give you a full lecture on the intricacies of battery leases but we will tell you why we avoid them like the plague.

No such thing as a free lunch

If you go looking at Renault Zoes you will quickly notice a significant price difference between what look like similar cars, same year and so on. But here’s the difference on the cheap ones! You buy the car but RENT the battery.

We at ShesElectric.ie unapologetically don’t like credit – in any form. We would rather drive about in a rusted 2011 six bar Nissan Leaf than take on leases, loans and PCPs. Call us crazy but we prefer owning our cars. One of the main reasons for switching to electric cars is for the cost benefit and savings . Why on earth would you want to buy a car and then in addition have to pay a monthly fee for the battery?

The Renault Zoe is simply a gorgeous car and we love them to bits but if you are going to buy one, please buy a battery owned Zoe.

Pro-Tip: If you choose to buy a second hand Zoe look out for “Battery Owned” or “Battery Leased” in the description. Check with the seller or dealer and if necessary contact Renault to establish the battery details.

Author: Sarah EV

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