How to Avoid Crazy Budget Fuel Hikes!

The dread every year of fuel hikes in the Budget.

Petrol and diesel are always front and centre to take an additional price hit. the quicker you get yourself in a position to switch to an electric vehicle (EV) the better!

Fine if you have it!

So just buy a Model 3 for €50k and be on your way!

Not all of us are in a position to buy new cars.

Tesla Model 3 Source

Lower Income

We are familiar to buying used cars in the region of €850 to €2,000 because that was what we could afford. I remember driving some particularly dodgy cars, including a 1998 Nissan Primera and 1999 Fiat Punto!

Electric cars are not for everybody right now but prices in the second hand market are slowly coming down.

At the time of writing , the cheapest Nissan Leafs (1st generation from 2001 onward) are available on sites for around €4 – €5k. You can assume the battery of that age will now get anything from 60km – 100km. Let’s be honest with ourselves – that car would probably cover 80% of peoples daily driving requirements. Sure it won’t be any use to a national sales person but it could cover work commutes, school drop offs, shopping and ferrying the lovely little headwreckers to their various activities!

Source: Rockfield Motors €4,950

Why would you buy an old EV?

  • Less maintenance that Petrol and Diesel Cars
  • Half-price Tolls
  • Cheaper Insurance
  • Cheaper Motor Tax
  • Cheaper fuel
  • Easier to pass NCTs – less chance of fails and having to pay for re-tests
  • Also ess things can go wrong in an EV – No timing belt anyone???

“Ok I’m in – So where the hell do we get 5 grand?! 😐”

We try and avoid loans like the plague here on so we do what our grannies would have done and scrimp and save!

If you set a goal of having a used EV by next years Budget you have 52 weeks to try and save €100 a week. If this is too steep you can aim for €50 and aim for buying ahead of budget 2022. That might seem like a long time but the simple fact is some of us cannot afford instant gratification 😅 We eityher try to earn that 50 which is probably about 6 hours of minimum wage after tax OR we can try to cut down on something else (do we really need to pay for all this iCloud space 😀).

The Time Magic of Saving!

Many things can happen to accelerate the time it takes to save up money for a used EV. Whilst you are saving, cars will hopefully depreciate in value quicker than the batteries degrade! Also – If you have an existing old petrol/diesel banger maybe you can get a few quid for that in a private sale (never trade in a car – we’ll do a post on that soon). That could knock months off the time for you the make the switch.

The Other 20%

There is no denying that EVs are difficult for rural drivers and those with a long commute – especially those that may only afford second hand with limited range and a crappy network. There are no real options right now unless you relented and hit up the old Credit Union! But if you can focus on saving and in time EVs with longer range will eventually drop into your price range.

Author: Clare EV

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