ShesElectric.ie was founded in 2020 to assist people in learning about electric vehicles (EVs) in plain language and to simplify all the tech speak.

A large emphasis is put on new electric vehicles brand, models and comparison. But in reality, many, many of us simply cannot afford a new car.

We believe that we are now at a stage where second hand electric vehicles prices are becoming far more affordable to the average person.

ShesElectric.ie is here to help you navigate the complex world of electric vehicles in an easy fashion.

We are both electric vehicle (EV) drivers in Ireland and have gone through the learning curve that it takes to switch from Petrol/Diesel engines

We breakdown down complex geekspeak for normal people! 

We will show you some bargains out there! 

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Clare and Sarah 🥰🥰

Clare EV – The “Generation X” EV Driver 😊

Sarah EV – The “Millennial” EV Driver 😊